Should I Hire a Good American Writer Or an Excellent Writer From Another Country?

When seeking freelance copywriters, many buyers specify that their only interest is in writers who speak English as a native language. Frequently buyers will request writers from a particular country such as the USA, the UK, Canada or Australia. This overlooks the fact that English is spoken as a first or second language in many countries. In fact, except for Mandarin Chinese, English is the most spoken language in the world.

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English is widely spoken in both Pakistan and India as a second language. Many residents of both countries have received part or all of their education in the US or UK Content Writing Services. Both countries have close ties to English speaking countries and many people have family living either as citizens or resident aliens in America and Great Britain.

In the United States and the United Kingdom, the cost of living is very high and writers in these countries typically charge more for their services than English speaking writers in Pakistan and India. A very competent Pakistani or Indian writer, with an advanced college degree, may charge as little as $6.00 USD. The same article written by an American or English writer might easily cost more than twice that amount.

Buyers who are seeking technical articles, in particular, should look more closely at the qualifications and experience of their writers rather than their country of origin. Many writers in Pakistan and India have advanced degrees in technical subjects. Having English as a native language alone does not necessarily qualify your writer in the subject of your article.

While a few niche topics such as law, native culture and politics may be best covered by a native of a particular country, most topics can be competently researched and presented by anyone who is fluent in the English language.

When a selecting a writer, a buyer should first consider if the topic is in the technical, scientific or medical field. If so, it is desirable to have a writer who has knowledge and prior experience in that field. Most freelance Internet sites provide brief resumes on their writers. Check to see if the writer has any education or background in the specific field your article is about. If a writer has no background or education in the subject, he may not be able to write a competently for your target audience.

If a buyer’s schedule permits, he should always request a short sample article from his bidders. Choose the topic for the sample. The sample will show the buyer if the bidder is both skillful in the language and knowledgeable in the topic. Check to see if bidders are rated by the freelance site. This can tell a buyer whether the bidder has a reputation for timely completion of projects.

The best way for a buyer to insure that he receives the highest quality articles at a competitive price is with a little research rather than by excluding writers based on geographical location alone. It is not in the best interest of a buyer to pay $20.00 USD for an article that could easily be purchased for $6.00 USD from a competent, qualified writer who resides elsewhere.

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