Some Tips For Fixing A Pair Of Wireless Speakers

If you own a pair of wireless speakers then chances are that one day you won’t get any sound from your speakers anymore. In fact most consumer products will fail at some point. In this article, I will offer some simple methods of checking out your speaker and also show you how you can repair your speaker yourself.

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When your speakers quit there are several things that you can do. First of all, you should check that the power supply delivers power to the speaker. If you run your speaker from batteries then check that your batteries are still OK . Use a voltage tester to check the battery voltage. If your speaker offers the option of using an external wall wart instead of batteries then try using a wall wart. If the speaker has a power indicator then you can easily check whether there is power. Next, make sure that the transmitter is on and sends a signal. Double check the transmitter power supply and also make sure that there is an audio signal going into the transmitter. You can easily verify that your transmitter receives audio by connecting some other audio equipment to your source. If there is no audio at the transmitter then double check the audio connectors and also your audio source.

If you have established that there is no problem with the transmitter and that your speaker has power then most likely the speaker is broken. If the speaker is still under warranty then you can simply return it to the store where you purchased the speaker from. Alternatively you can contact the manufacturer directly and ship it to a repair center. If your speaker no longer has warranty then you are faced with having to spend money to get the speaker repaired. If you have some technical knowledge, you can also attempt to repair your speaker yourself. Next, I will explain some simple strategies for investigating and repairing a wireless speaker.

First, carefully open the speaker enclosure. Be sure to put all of the screws into a box to prevent them from getting lost. If your speaker is powered directly from mains power then it is time to check out the speaker power supply. The power supply is usually the biggest module inside the speaker and is located right at the point where the mains power cord enters the speaker enclosure. Measure each of the DC voltages of the power supply. The voltage rating is usually printed right on the speaker circuit board. Most power supplies have a fuse. Make sure that the fuse is OK or replace with another fuse with the same rating.

Once you have established that the speaker power supply is OK, it is time to check that there is an audio signal coming from the wireless module. You can test this by measuring the signal that is present on the cable which connects the wireless module with the power amplifier module. You can locate the wireless module fairly easily by looking for an antenna structure. The power amplifier module should also be fairly easy to spot since it usually has fairly bulky decoupling capacitors on it. If the wireless module delivers audio then the power amplifier is the next likely suspect. Measure whether the power amplifier outputs a signal to the speaker. You can do this by connecting another woofer to the speaker cable that runs from the power amplifier to the integrated woofer. If there is no sound then the power amp is broken. Otherwise the integrated woofer needs to be replaced. You usually can order replacement modules by contacting the speaker manufacturer.

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