Zija International Review

Zija International was formed back in 2006 by Kenneth Brailsford, Michael Hershberger and Rodney Larsen with over 50 years’ experience between them in the network marketing industry. In addition Brailsford was the pioneering force behind the introduction of herbs encased in capsules 辣木油香港, back in the 1970’s. The company is another multi level marketing company in the heavily saturated health and wellness industry.

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Zija International’s mission is to introduce the world to the health benefits of the Moringa Tree and their flagship product is a can of drink entitled the “Smart Drink” which is a blend of minerals and vitamins, oils, anti oxidants and plant proteins. Other products incorporating Moringa Tree ingredients include appetite suppressant capsules called XM3, a Miracle Tea which aids digestion, acts as a natural laxative and is also an appetite suppressant, together with a range of anti aging skin care.

The money making opportunity with Zija International is to join as a consultant selling the range of products as well as sponsoring new consultants into the business and building a downline. There are three entry levels, whereby a consultant purchases a distributor starter pack. These range from $200 to $1200 and include a mix of Smart Drink, Miracle Tea and XM3 vitamin capsules. There are 8 income streams with two of them including retail profits and enrolling new distributors into the company. You can earn through the other bonuses according to how much product you sell and how many new distributors you enroll into the business. The compensation plan is a binary system which relies heavily on teamwork.

A lot of people enter multi level marketing by selling products to family and friends and soon struggle as they reach the bottom of their list. In order to be successful with any multi level marketing opportunity, whatever the product, you need to have marketing and leadership skills to be able to generate targeted leads in order to build and move forward your business. Yes, it will take hard work and commitment, but if you have these skills and know how to implement them, there is no reason why you can’t be successful in any MLM business.

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