Cigar Accessories: Light Up With Class

You are one of the star employees in your company. And, because you’ve made a huge contribution in closing a huge deal, he has invited you to his house for dinner. When you entered his well-furnished den, you recognized some familiar faces. Tonight, you will be dining with your company’s biggest shareholders. And, the thought was very appealing to you.

After being introduced to them, they invited you to have a cigar with them. You eagerly accepted your offer because your boss is known to have a very good taste when it comes to cigars. You immediately bit off a chunk of the cigar and lit it. “That’s not how you do it, son!” The man took out a cigar, lifted a cigar cutter from the different cigar accessories available on the table and gently snipped off the tip of his cigar before he lit it.

For the first time, you noticed that there was a bunch of cigar accessories on the table. And, you couldn’t help but feel crude and uneducated among a group of cultured and refined individuals. You gave the older man an awkward smile and found yourself a space on your host’s lush sofa. It looks like you need to learn more about the art of cigar smoking. Here is a list of things that you need to know about cigar accessories. Knowing these would separate you from the inexperienced cigar smokers.

The Art of Storing Cigars

Humidors are very important cigar accessories. Without one, your cigars would lose their moisture and you would end up with a very stale and bitter drag. Most humidors h.upmann come with a hygrometer and a humidification system because the taste of most cigars becomes better in a certain humidity level and temperature. If the environment in the humidor is too dry, you will end up with dry cigars that are very fragile. They also burn faster than the cigars that are stored in the correct humidity level and temperature. If the humidity level is too high, on the other hand, the cigar can rot and become moldy.

Because the humidity level is a very important factor that you need to take note of when storing a cigar, you should always calibrate the hygrometer. You can do this by removing the hygrometer from the humidor and wrapping it in a moistened cloth and adjusting it to 96% humidity.

Cutting Your Cigar With Poise

Instead of tearing the tip of the cigar off with your teeth, you should start using a cigar cutter. It will separate you from the inexperienced cigar smokers.

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