Why “Viral” Marketing is Important For Your Drop Ship Business

Though a relatively new term, viral marketing is already catching up as an effective marketing strategy in cyberspace. This business strategy gains momentum from word of mouth publicity in established social networks in the virtual world. This kind of marketing helps heighten brand awareness which subsequently leads to a significant increase in sales figures. Web users are prompted to carry on this marketing message to their respective networks thereby increasing the exposure of the business. This concept of marketing has been referred to as “viral” owing to its ability to spread amongst millions in no time, much akin to the 集運費用 spread of a “virus”.

The basics of Viral Marketing

Viral marketing may be done through e-books, images, video clips, branded software, interactive flash games and even advergames. Plenty of internet marketers often use the medium of text messages to promote their business online too. Viral marketing works on the basis of identifying people who have a good SNP or social networking profile. Once such a targeted group is identified, viral messages are created to attract the attention of this section which in turn leads to people in the same group being targeted too. An ideal viral marketing strategy takes into account a number of factors.

These include:

– Making products or services available

– Enabling easy transfer of these goods and services

– The business can begin with a very low profile but gradually scale up

– It works on the principle of utilizing shared interests and behaviors so that it enjoys popularity amongst a group of people with similar interests

– Makes use of an already established network

– Utilizes other’s resources to maximize its reach

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