Can We Manage a Modern Day Moringa Miracle to Help Humans Using an MLM?

Not long ago, a friend of mine mentioned that she had gone into business after checking out some 20 plus nutritional companies. You see, she had been a “Finalist” on the famous TV Series “The Biggest Loser” and since she’d done so well, everyone was talking about it, and she made it her mission to help people lose weight. Well, if anyone can, it would definitely be her, of course, she wasn’t willing to put her name on just anything, she wanted something she could believe in, something that worked.

She told me she was sold on Moringa, and I am like; “what the heck is Moringa?” feeling kind of stupid for not knowing what she was talking about, indeed a course in miracles , I thought she was talking about “Morogo” a local Indian tribe here in California, which is quite wealthy because they own a bunch of high-end casinos. She assured me that it was in fact; “Moringa” and that if I wanted to learn more, why not look it up online?

Okay so I did, and what I discovered was that Moringa is a “Tree” and this particular tree has leaves, roots, and bark which are very high in protein, and vitamins a course in miracles text . Now then, it turns out that it is so rich in these essential vitamins and protein that it is considered by many to be a miracle plant. And yet, I was wondering, if so, how come I haven’t heard about it? Well, it’s not common in North America, but judging by the diet of most Americans, I’d say we need it most right about now!

Better yet, why not harvest and cultivate this tree/plant and use it to feed the billions of people who are malnourished, and starving? If that was done we might be able to pull off a modern day miracle using Moringa Trees. Right now there is a company in the US which processes the tree-plant into a powder and then it distributes it in the United States.

The other day, I looked on the shelves for it at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Ralphs, and Win Dixie’s but couldn’t find it there. However there is a company called Zija International which distributes it as a solution for weight loss, and dietary nutritional product through its MLM distributors. Anyway, I thought you might like to know about this. I now feel like the biggest dummy for not trying it sooner. This article sponsored by Miss Heather Hansen Biggest Loser Finalist Season 3.

The HPV Vaccine has already been administered to over 35 million people. At $585.00 for the three-dose recommendation, that has manufacturers of the vaccine receiving over 20 billion dollars. The vaccine is said to be effective for five years, possibly longer, but given that males and females aged 9-26 are said to benefit from this vaccine, that would mean each person would need three courses of the vaccine over their lifetime bringing in close to 41 billion dollars. So the manufacturers benefit, but do the people receiving this vaccine really benefit?

HPV stands for Human Papilloma Virus. This virus is most commonly known as being responsible for genital warts. HPV affects both men and women and is contracted through sexual contact. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) there are over 40 strains of HPV. HPV is extremely common, however most people’s bodies naturally cure HPV after a couple of years. There is a small percentage of the population that can develop cervical caner, penile cancer, anal cancer, vaginal cancer and more. Both men and women may be affected by HPV.

Before looking at the HPV vaccine it is important to note sexually active women and men should be screened annually by a physician and tested for HPV and cancer. Cervical cancer develops when HPV goes unchecked and can develop as a result of causes other than HPV. Most cases of HPV that could lead to cervical cancer can be prevented by early detection. Women who cannot afford health care are at a higher risk than women who visit a gynecologist regularly. Therefore it is critical that women are able to receive affordable or free gynecological health care and are educated about potential risks so they seek out health care. Women who do receive the vaccine are still encouraged to visit a health care provider on a regular basis to be screened for cervical cancer.

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