Find Out What 2010 Has In Store for Gaming Fans Around the Globe

With many studies suggesting that worldwide profits of major gaming houses have declined over the past few months, the fact remains that video gaming is a favorite hobby of every child and teenager around the world. Like every year, 2010 has witnessed many video games releases F95zone which have drawn mixed responses. If you want to get a brief overview of what to expect from 2010 and how the gaming industry has shaped over the years, you are just about to get that.

As technology is reaching the pinnacle of advancement, more and more ease is being brought into video gaming experience. Motion Control is an ingenious technology through which players can experience great gameplay as their body movements let them control the game.

Although, Wii is ahead of its rivals in the industry in offering Motion Control, we can say with quite certainty that Microsoft and Sony will also introduce the use of this technology. No matter who wins this race of technology between gaming vendors, the important thing is that gamers will be the ultimate beneficiaries.

With the explosion of social networking, social gaming is quickly replacing conventional gaming. With more than 350 million users for Facebook and the same trends showing for other social networking sites such as MySpace, Friendster and LinkedIn, social gaming is becoming very poplar.

Games like Farmville and Mafia Wars have been able to captivate millions of social networking users and you’re really missing out on something great, if you haven’t tried these games yet. It is highly unlikely that 2010 will see any let up in the popularity of social gaming as new great games are being introduced.

Online gaming in general is a massive industry and millions of people around the world log on to online gaming sites to catch some quick gaming action. MMORPGs or ‘Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games’ have changed the way we used to enjoy online games. These games offer great storylines, huge options and addictive game play. Games like Starcraft II will be engaging millions of people to online gaming throughout 2010 as players want to have a look at game sequels to unearth how the story progresses.

Despite the rapid advancement in technology which has led to better graphics and more realistic game-play, the developers seem to be running out of fresh ideas. If you have been following 2010 top game guides, you will have noticed that most of the games in the lineup are sequels. Games like God of War II, Assassin’s Creed II and Just Cause 2 promise a lot of action and adventure in 2010, but no one can deny the fact that these sequels will just be continuation of their predecessors and will not be offering something drastically new.

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