Cruising on Celebrity Cruise Lines

Celebrity Cruise lines is among the youngest cruising companies in the world, yet it is already recognized as one of the best service providers in the industry. In fact, critics and passengers use the fleet of ships from Celebrity cruise lines as the standard in measuring other ships’ performance.

Most people think that cruises are only for adults as children may get bored while journeying on the ship, but with Celebrity Cruise lines, this is definitely not going to Kelly Stables happen. Take your family on a journey and cruise on one of the Celebrity Cruise ships. Everyone in the family will surely find the special line of services aboard Celebrity cruise ships exceptional.

For young children and toddlers up to three years of age, the Celebrity Cruise ship has toys and play products from the XClub team which both children and parents can play with. Plus there is the Celebrity Cruise Lines’ very own LeapFrog Edutainment, an enriching and interactive set of games so that kids may explore every port visited during the cruise while having fun and being educated at the same time.

Children aged three to six aboard the Celebrity Cruise ships will be kept busy with treasure hunt games, crafts and arts activities, movie watching and even ice cream parties. There are also programs and shows featuring talented kids. They can create their own t-shirt designs and take trivia quizzes about favorite cartoon characters. A lot of productive activities are in store for the young kids boarding the cruise ship that their parents may even have to set a particular schedule to be with their children.

For kids seven to nine years of age, there are theme parties, outdoor games and talent shows which may enhance the imagination. They can also participate in various activities involving movies, crafts, arts, pizza and ice cream parties. Kids from 10 to 12 years of age can have new friends and meet new acquaintances as they participate in Pool Olympics, karaoke sessions, interactive games for team building, scavenger quests, masquerade and late night parties.

Teenagers will also have a great time, there are various games and activities prepared for two groups of teenagers (13-15 group and 16-17 group). There are prepared sports programs, night dances, art, internet facilities and video arcades on the cruise ship intended for the amusement and entertainment of the teenagers.

When moms and dads fancy an intimate night out in the adult facilities, they can feel relaxed knowing that their kids are taken care of by the hired baby sitter aboard the ship. The charge for this additional service is a low hourly fee of $8 for a maximum number of two kids in one family.

Single adults too will be enjoying their journey with the Celebrity Cruise line. In fact, most of the facilities and amenities equipped with and aboard the ship are designed for the enjoyment, amusement and entertainment of adults. There are theatrical shows, dining areas, spas, libraries, sports and recreation facilities inside the cruise ship which will add to the awesome experience of visiting the best cruise destinations.

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