Mistakes to Avoid If You Want to Buy an Alliance Guide for Leveling

I’m putting these mistakes that you should not make if you want and Alliance guide for leveling because I have burnt myself when I got my first guide. Not only that it wasn’t very consistent and most of the times I was relying on the WoW quest helper, I also had to pay for updates.

So, here are a few mistakes that Myenvoyair login you should not make if you want to pay for an Alliance guide for leveling.

1. Paying for a guide that it’s for Horde leveling. I know this sounds pretty obvious, but some of the WoW leveling guides out there are built in two separate sections, and you can only buy them separately. In case you don’t need the Horde version, make sure you pay for the Alliance one. In any case, if you have made this mistake, you can contact the author by email and they will replace your copy, or provide you with access for the Alliance version, if the guide is in-game or online.

2. Paying for a guide that it’s not in-game. A PDF guide sucks, even if it’s really detailed. You have to use ALT + TAB all the time, or play in windowed mode, to be able to consult the guide and that’s just inconvenient. Most elite guides at the moment are built as addons, totally in-game, with a very neat interface. In fact, the guide that I’m using at the moment has quite a sleek interface, that doesn’t cover much of my screen.

3. Getting a guide that doesn’t come with free updates. If you’ve been playing World of Warcraft for a while, I’m sure you’ve noticed that there are major updates from time to time. Most of them are free, and every two years or so there’s an expansion that you must pay for. Now, I wouldn’t want to pay for a guide expansion too, would you? So, make sure the updates are free.

4. Not checking forums and reviews before getting a guide. Well, referral sometimes can be fake. However, I’ve seen the guide I’m currently using at a friend and was able to make an idea of how good it was. Anyway, you should also check YouTube videos for certain guides. Some of the videos are reliable, since they are made by players.

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