3 Best Secrets of Christmas Slot Review: Get Bonus in Winter

In our Secrets of Christmas slot review, it is the online slot for the holidays of 2016. While Albert Heijn renames the Christmas toll ‘party toll’ and the public broadcaster avoids the word Christmas. 

However, the game developer, Netent, comes up with the ultimate Christmas slot.

It doesn’t get any more Christmas than this: on the rolls are bells, socks, candles, wreaths and of course Santa Claus. Or well, rolling… You are actually looking at a snowy living room window overlooking a pine forest.

All beautifully animated, as we are used to from Netent. And with an atmospheric, winter soundtrack. However, are Secrets of Christmas also fun to play on?.

Secrets of Christmas Slot Review

There are 25 paylines in Secrets of Christmas and the minimum bet per spin is $0.25. For another explanation, keep scrolling!. 

1. How Do The Secrets of Christmas Work?

Santa Claus counts as Wild (joker). And a scatter symbol (a bag full of Christmas gifts) completes the slot machine.

If you play three or more scatters, the bonus round starts, which consists of 10 free spins. But that’s not all (for a long time!). Because of those 10 free spins, you also get a number of Christmas gifts. One for every scatter you spin.

The gifts are displayed in the cozy living room – you can choose them yourself. What exactly a gift yields is a surprise. A gift can give you multipliers, extra Wilds, extra stacked Wilds or extra free spins.

That makes the bonus round much more exciting than just 10 free spins and with a bit of luck very lucrative.

2. The 1000 Spins on Secrets of Christmas

We played 1000 spins on its slot for this slot review with a bet of $0.25 per spin.

Then, he scored our first free spins only after 265 spins. In the meantime, there are some nice prices around 5 to 6 dollars. Nevertheless, we were already more than $30 for the minus.

During the first feature, we were especially surprised by the unsurpassed beautiful animations. You have to see it. Unfortunately, the first bonus round only yields $2.20.

After a total of 597 spins, 3 scatters come into view again. We choose the gifts first. Then, we won extra Wilds, stacked Wilds on the second reel and a multiplier of x2. The free spins also start, while an uptempo version of Jingle Bells plays.

The result is spectacular this time. After 10 spins there is a profit of $55.30 on the screen. That is more than 221 times the bet. Ho-ho-ho!.

The bonus round will then appear twice more, resulting in $23.60 and $6.40. In addition, the profit of the free spins varies quite a bit. 

Sometimes you get very favorable gifts, such as the stacked Wilds, the other times Santa Claus is less generous. In the end, we lost $29.60.

3. The Results of The Game

After we played 1000 spin on the game, here are our results which are important for you to know before deciding to play that game. 

  • The loss after 1000 spins at $0,25: $29,60
  • The 5 biggest wins: $55,30 / $23,60 / $8,80 / $7,55 / $7,50
  • How often the free spins: 4x
  • Average free spins win: $21,88
  • The payout percentage (RTP) of Secrets of Christmas is according to Netent: 96.7%

For our Secrets of Christmas slot review, it is a great slot to play in the winter. The atmospheric graphics and soundtrack almost make you long for the time, when the winters were still real winters.

The bonus game, with first unwrapping your gifts and then the raging 10 free spins, will make you shift to the very edge of your seat. Then, with the bonus you can also win very significant amounts of money.

However, you can still have experiences for other games on situs judi qq which also offers big bonuses especially for new players. Then, join it!. 

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