Play Games: Engaging Emotional and Mental Emotions

Many people participate in games for entertainment and fun. Many games feature a challenge or F95zone story lines that engage emotional and mental emotions. This explains why gamers keep coming back to their favorite games. Games also offer the ideal opportunity for passing time when there is nothing else to do. When you play games you give yourself an opportunity to relieve yourself from stress. Playing games allows you to practice and to learn life skills. You learn how to organize, create content, prioritize, lead strangers, make friends, feel empathy, make hard choices and give mercy.

Having a bearing on an individual’s health and learning:

Like most of the other medical and mental conditions, certain risk factors can lead to compulsive gaming. Therefore younger people are more likely to develop into pathological gamers than older people. Furthermore, people with high hostility, lower social competence and greater impulsivity are more likely to become game addicts. In terms of gender, men are more likely to develop into video game addicts compared with women. In addition, gamers who engage in video games for greater amounts of time are also more likely to develop into pathological gamers.

Playing video games can prove beneficial in many ways including improving skill level and social relations. On the other hand, video games can be harmful to self and others. The amount of time spent playing games can have a bearing on an individual’s health and learning. For school going children, the more time they spend playing games for entertainment the more likely their school performance will be affected. Furthermore, when much time is taken while playing games, a person’s physical health is undermined, leading to repetitive stress injuries or obesity.

Therefore, self-monitoring games can overcome excessive play and prevent compulsive gaming to avoid social/emotional problems and obligations. Parents should be keen about monitoring their children to protect them from possible dangers. Parental rules and setting limits and involvement in physical activity can decrease the potential risks associated with excessive gaming. Furthermore, this will help to enhance the children’s school performance.

The content of the game can have a bearing on learning behaviors. Specific educational games improve skill levels for reading and math. Furthermore, health learning games improve health behavior compliance. On the other hand, violent video games are associated with aggressive thoughts, behaviors and feelings. Therefore, violent games should be avoided by choosing educational, non violent and pro social video games. Parental guidance is critical in ensuring the content of play chosen makes the children better persons.

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