3 Great Ways to Distribute Your Flyers

Flyer Printing for Local Distribution: The number one top way to distribute your flyers is to post flyers at local schools, small businesses, and local organizations. A strong local presence is of the utmost importance for retailers or small businesses. If your local business is supported and adored by the local community, you will have a dependable cash flow and a Flyer Distribution California strong basis for future growth. You can get your flyers out there by asking college or university

students who are always on the look out for odd jobs to make a bit of extra cash for the weekends. There is often a job notice board to check up on so ask the school if you can place a small wanted advert there. This way you get students willing to work for a small wage

handing out your printed flyers and they will spread the word to people faster than any other “street team” methodology. You will also get a young fresh image for the public to see when they hand out your flyers and advertise your promotion. You could even go one step further and respectfully request them to wear costumes that tie in to your event. This will not only mean you get your flyers distributed for dirt cheap but you also get to sit back and concentrate on other areas of your business while they do so.

Flyer Printing for Newspaper Distribution: The newspapers are another great way to get your flyers distributed quickly and effectively especially in the winter months. Call your local newspaper and ask them to include a flyer with the newspapers when they are delivered (these are often called preprints, inserts, or FSIs). Some may offer this service for free and some may charge a little for it but it won’t be too expensive. You can get your flyers distributed to everyone who gets their newspaper delivered in that area with no extra hassle or fuss. Newspapers are highly trusted sources of information in most cases, and this will help you establish a credible brand.

Flyer Printing for Café/Restaurant Distribution: Go to all the café’s in town with a bundle of flyers. Lots of people go to café’s while out shopping, on their lunch break or even working there themselves so it’s a great networking area and a great place to leave flyers. Ask the café staff if you can leave some flyers either on the tables, on a worktop or in a special leaflets section whichever they prefer. You may get a better response if you offer to put some coupons on your flyers for their café or restaurant. Because of the massive flow of people through café’s all day you’ll reach a large audience while doing little to no legwork. Just leave a bundle of flyers with as many cafes as you can find and let the café bring the people to you.

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