10 Ways To Make Money Blogging – Part 1

There are plenty of ways to make money online, but one of the most easiest ways I know of is blogging. Almost anyone can earn money blogging, as long as you have some knowledge about a certain subject. With blogs you can actually talk about anything from the latest sport news to how to cook the best sausages. As long as you can produce content then you can surely can attract visitors and earn some money! And the best part is that you can set up a blog for free, my favourite would have to be Blogger because search engines seem to love it more than any other, and it’s the only free blog service which allows AdSense advertisements (small ads on your blog which earn you money when visitors click them). Anyway…

Here are your 10 ways to make money blogging:

1)AdSense, as I explained above, these are ads that sit on your blog and when your visitors click them you get paid for it, simple as that. In my opinion this is the best way to make money with your blog www.earlynewspaper.com . I recommend signing up the the AdSense as soon as possible.

2)This may sound a bit obvious to you, but consistency is the key to making money. Post everyday if you can, or about 4 times a week at least. The more you post, the more visitors you get. This also develops relationships with your readers, cause they can see that your posting almost everyday, and creating fresh content just for them. You also gain there trust with this method, and it’s great cause you can recommend an ebook for them to purchase, but make your your affiliates with the ebook publisher.

3)Affiliate programs, this is my biggest earner but it varies greatly from month to month, and requires some more effort. I recommend Clickbank. That’s right, this means you have to sign up to something! Yes, it will take about 5 minutes of your time. Once your signed up, look in the market place and find a product related to the subject of your blog, and look for the commission percentage to be about 50% – 75%. So then you post an entry about the product with an unique link provided by clickbank and make over 50% of the sale.

4)Another way to is to sell advertising directly to companys or indivduals, so there is no middle man. You charge that person for a month and put a link on your site, and take 100% of the money! Note: this is when your blog grows pretty big.

Is that a question? The act of blogging or, putting out personal, private, community or sub-cultural information, thoughts, opinions and communication for the masses is by no means a new idea. People have been forcing their opinions down other people’s throats since the dawn of man and the development of language and the written word. Beginning with writing on stone tablature to record accounting of goods and services to monks scribbling scripture to the invention of typesetting and the newspaper to radio to television to the Internet, human beings have wanted to express themselves verbally to a mass audience in order to effect change or simply stir things up. Blogging allows for the small, insignificant individual to bring to the world wide web his or her thoughts, musings and beliefs for better or worse.

The benefits of this not entirely untapped genre are bountiful. There are no editors. There are no rules for grammar, spelling, biased or unbiased viewpoints. There are no (so far) corporate magnates controlling the content of the Blogosphere. Ideas may be presented at the whim of the author; there is no red tape or bureaucracy to navigate through or around. There doesn’t need to be any sugarcoating. It is instantaneous, live and collaborative. A person can respond to the another person’s seemingly frivolous diatribe on the benefits of a cheese sandwich and, boom!, a communication is born that can spiral out of control, spinning to the far corners of cyberspace or simply lie dormant or dead, never to be discussed again. There is no schedule. No waiting. Perfect for our day and age of get it now, while it’s hot because once it’s cool, no one will care. Radio, TV and newspapers creep at a turtle’s pace compared with blogging. It is a system of checks and balances on the Internet itself. Content put out into the public consciousness can be responded to instantly. The user controls it and gives validation to each person’s personal opinion. This social phenomenon connects the world by the mere fact of communication. Author X writes a post. Reader Z disagrees. Reader Z comments, instantly responding to the ‘authority’ of the author X. Reader Z’s comment starts a new train of thoughts and opinions among 15 other readers and writers. People include the commentary and the original article in new weblogs, and so on and so on until the topic and content itself is maxed out.

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