Blogging as a New Millennium Newsletter

Blogging is essentially the 21st century equivalent of a newsletter. The good news is there are significant advantages to blogging over a newsletter.

One of the first advantages is that a blog does not require printing, which can save on costs associated with paper, printing and postage. And because it does not require paper it is an environmentally friendly way to send along information to customers.

Another advantage is that it has an element of interactivity to it. In a newsletter the individual would need to either call or write a reply in reference to something they may have found interesting in the newsletter Sherry dyson . With a blog they can post a reply immediately.

Timeliness is another advantage. When newsletters were common it was possible to provide information, but that information might be a few weeks old by the time it arrived in the hands of its intended recipient. With blogs you can post information immediately and information consumers can access that information with similar speed especially if they use a Real Simple Syndication (RSS) subscription.

Links can also contribute heavily to the success of a business blog. As you place links in your blog visitors can immediately gain further information on topics you address. In essence you develop your blog to enable visitors to cross-reference the subjects you talk about – this dynamic ads both interest and education to your blog.

Blog entries can also be archived for future access. As a blog developer you can make it possible for individuals to locate blog posts or issues that they are most interested in. With newsletters many individuals had to file the newsletter away if it contained information they were interested in. When you apply a search engine to your blog your readers gain even greater flexibility in finding what they are looking for.

You could apply the above benefits to a business ezine as well. Any information you publish is a direct reflection on your business so make sure it is focused, educational and has something significant to say.

If you post too many blogs that are out of focus it will likely result in a decrease in blog visitors. Yes, a blog can and should reflect the person behind the writing and that person can express personal thoughts. However the writer should also remember the primary reason people may be visiting the blog has to do with the information you can provide on a subject they are keenly interested in knowing more about.

Most visitors like to read a blog that is personal, yet professional. They want to be able to gain information and feel like they got it from a friend. Visitors want to come away with the knowledge that you respect their time and have developed the blog to address real concerns in a timely manner without allowing the blog to become just another place to read the same material they already receive in multiple forwards from well meaning friends and family.

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