Las Vegas Sands Corp & MGM Vs Bodog & Party Gaming – Let the Battle Commence

It could well be the battle that defines the online gambling industry for many years to come, the battle that sets all the new standards and expectations for the online players but who will be victorious? Who will be the proverbial last man standing?

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To picture the battle in all it’s full glory we have to take a step back and make some assumptions allbet casino . Firstly let’s assume that today is the day that Sen. Barney Frank has had his bill passed and online gambling in the United States is now legal. Next we have to look at just who is presently dominating the online gambling space.

We could take a global view but let us stick with the American market as it is simply more fun. Leading the way currently would have to include Bodog Casino, Go Casino, and lets include Online Vegas, then we have the big online poker operators such as Poker Stars and Full Tilt.

Fighting in the opposite corner are the big boys from Las Vegas, Las Vegas Sands Corp (NYSE:LVS), MGM (NYSE:MGM), Harrahs and Steve Wynn (NASDAQ:WYNN). We truly would give just about anything to have a peak in their executive files to see what the plans look like for when online gambling (note when not if) is legalized in the United States.

So who holds the best hand? The current online casino and poker operators that take wagers from American players have enjoyed a staggeringly high level of business in the last few years with their market worth billions of dollars. They have absolutely perfected the ability to both optimize for and promote to the online gambler.

They are also not short of cash should they decide to go mainstream with their advertising in a big marketing push.

The Las Vegas Boys? Well you would have to assume that Las Vegas Corp and MGM have built up quite a list of potential online gamblers from their properties in Vegas, we must assume that they have a very substantial data base of player email addresses that they would invite to join their new online venture.

That all seems quite simple, the two opposing sides seem well matched for the battle but when we look a little deeper we find there are a quite a few issues standing in the way for both sides.

If we look at our Las Vegas corner, and take MGM then we can picture the scenario. Online Gambling has been legalized, they have a ready made client base from their player data base, a software supplier has been chosen and the web site is ready and looks great.

There is a hole here and it comes in the form of the bonus that MGM will offer. If we compare it to Go Casino we will see that they currently offer a deposit match bonus, so if you deposit they will match it 100% worth $20,000. Yes that was not a typing mistake their new player bonus is worth up to $20,000.

Now you have to assume that Go Casino have run the numbers and know that they can still make it pay, they have had this offer for a while so surely MGM can match it? But can they if that means taking their player list from their land based casinos and offering them such a huge incentive to not come and visit them?

It would seem to cause quite a contradiction for the marketing department. You can also hear the managers of the Las Vegas casino floors in their monthly meetings complaining that the online division has an unfair advantage.

Ultimately it will come down to some very in depth data mining and player profiling to ascertain which plan and offer structure benefits the group as a whole the most. Maybe some players who play small and eat all the buffet food are more valuable sitting at home and having the online bonus. That is for the MGM number crunchers to decide.

So it is starting to look like the current stable of online operators have the upper hand, however as they say on TV “but wait there’s more”. It is widely believed and expected in the industry that when online gambling is legalized there will be a caveat in the license application process that will state ” if you have ever taken illegal bets, don’t bother applying”.

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