6 Tips to Increasing Your Search Engine Ranking With Blogging

So, you have a website or your in the planning stage, you picked your niche, you picked your product(s). Now you’re wondering what do I do to get thousands of targeted visitors everyday. Well the good news is that it is possible to get the visitors your going to need to make money, the bad news is that it will not happen overnight. If anyone tells you that you can get thousands of free visitors to your site overnight, run away or at least don’t be fooled by it.

Today we will go over some easy traffic generating methods that will after a little consistency and yes work from you get you targeted traffic streaming to your site postonmagazine.com . You will need to install a blog on your website or use the blog platform as your website. Which you do will depend on your level of expertise.

1) Your website or blog address should be keyword friendly, your blog will get picked up by all the major search engines, lets make it as easy as possible.
2) You need to blog everyday, post article or reviews of your products your selling, this will answer a lot of questions that your potential customers may have.
3) Your blog content must be categorized. Use a good choice of tags and put every post in the appropriate category.
4) More on tags, tags are like keyword search terms, use them wisely.
5) If you are using WordPress as your blogging platform this is done for you if not make sure to ping your blog after each post.
6) Submit your blog to all the directories you can, this will help you to establish as many backlinks as possible. Also submit all your posts as articles to the top article directories.

The tips outlined above with a little consistent work on your part will increase your organic search engine traffic without costing you one cent.

Being successful in online marketing has become harder and harder in the last years, since the number of acknowledged experts and gurus grows at an exponential rate. The only way to find a place for your business in this jungle is by branding yourself and your company.

One of the best instruments to do this is a blog. With little or no effort you can easily verify that any so called “guru” has not only web pages offering his products and his coaching, but also a blog, on which he publishes free content and keeps his audience updated on the latest news concerning his business, his products and, in a more general way, what’s happening in his field of expertise.

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