European Company Formation – Non-Resident Rewards

European company formation for non-resident business owners in many ways offers very attractive rewards and incentives to the overseas or foreign investor. The steps leading up to the formation of today’s current EU began in the 50’s and 60’s. However, today’s European Union was formed in 1992, and some countries have earned EU membership inclusion as recently as 2004. To bolster struggling economies, the EU ruling committee dictated that each individual EU country be allowed to set their own standards for business registration requirements. That ruling was an absolute boon for the individual members of the EU, as well as overseas and other non-resident business owners seeking liberal, favorable business filings in Europe.

In this way, each individual EU member could appraise their own economic climate, and address their needs by offering a business atmosphere that would keep a steady stream of international money coming in. In return, the non-EU resident business owner would receive very favorable business 成立公司 structures, with the incentives and rewards differing from country to country. Do you require a European company formation that offers unbeatable tax structures? You will find yourself in Ireland, where you can pay 0% income tax for the first three years of ownership.

Perhaps you prefer access to some of the most treasured and profitable trade routes of all time? Then you would be hard-pressed to beat the advantages that opening business in Spain or Portugal has to offer. And if you seek a highly educated workforce for minimal pay, Sweden offers the third best educated workforce in the entire world, right behind the United States and Canada. And rising unemployment there means accessing this talented labor force for a fraction of the usual cost.

Autonomy may be a requirement for you and your business venture. If so, European company formation in several countries allows for nominee owners to be appointed, so you are not listed as a business principal. And asset protection can be arranged in any number of EU business vehicles as well. Finally, one major benefit of European company formation is speed of ownership. In a hurry? Become an owner of a ready-made company with an aged pedigree and earn instant respectability overnight with a speedy EU shelf company transaction.

Regardless what your business goals, European company formation can deliver maximum benefits in the shortest period of time for minimal cost. So contact your European company formation specialist today for a free consultation, and move one step closer to your European corporate dreams.

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