The 411 On Flavored Condoms

Believe it or not, flavored condoms do more than just taste good. Yes, they’re like any other standard condom plus a little added flavor, but they shine in other areas that standard condoms just can’t.

Flavored condoms come in so many flavors, it’s almost like taking a trip to your local ice cream shop. Grape, banana, mint, cola, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, and every Slurpee flavor you can imagine is probably available in the form of a flavored condom. Major brands like Lifestyles, Trustex and Durex all carry excellent flavored choices, and some online condom retail stores even carries sample variety packs so you can find the perfect flavor for your palate.

The arena in which these little flavored lifesavers shine is during oral sex, because, let’s face it, standard lubricated condoms just don’t taste good. As we all know HIV/AIDs 安全套 and other STIs can be transmitted through oral sex, too. So, by adding flavoring to a condom, it makes practicing oral sex not only safe, but delightfully tasty. Sure, they’re great for spicing up oral sex, but there is one thing you should know before experimenting with these types of condoms.

The glycerin in most of these types of condoms, which adds that sweet flavor, does not kindly ebb and flow with our ladybits, as this chemical can alter the pH balance of our vaginas, increasing our chances of developing a yeast infection. So, if it’s not sugar/glycerin free, do not use it for sexual intercourse. Instead, stick with standard, non-flavored condoms when doing the deed, and leave the flavored rubbers for foreplay.

Where flavored rubbers shine in taste bud variety, they lack in the size department. Unfortunately, most condoms are about standard size, and will not fare well for well-endowed fellas who typically wear Magnums. The smallest condom is the Fantasy condoms which measures 7″ long and 1.75″ wide, and the largest flavored condom being the LifeStyles condoms measures in at 7.5″ long and 2.25″ wide.

One of the top brands? Condom experts suggest the leader in flavored condoms, Trustex, when shopping for protection to be used during oral sex. Trustex, measuring 7.5″ long and 1.75″ wide, offers flavors like mint, strawberry, banana, vanilla and chocolate. What’s even better, for those who find lubrication during oral sex displeasing, Trustex offers the same flavors in a non lubricated form. Not to mention, they even come in an extra strength flavored variety, for those looking for more peace of mind.

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